Information Communications & Technology (ICT) Services

Information Communications & Technology (ICT) Services

Network planning, GPON integration, app-applications, VoIP, PMS, PoS, planning & systems architecture, middleware bus integration

Given the environments and diversity of projects in which JHA works, the progression to ICT design & support became simply systematic. Fairly simple beginnings in premise cabling, data and communications requirements quickly expanded with data cabling to outlets and terminating at patch panels.

Larger projects introduced fibre cabling between buildings and separation of networks. Integration of systems moved from being cutting edge technologies to a modern day expectation. Manufacturers created middleware bus systems to effectively drop new applications on to a network and simplify integration of developed applications.

The iPhone/iPad and Tablets entered the market and social media turned to information distribution and suddenly we had facial recognition, telephone alerts, 4G CCTV links and a myriad of systems interchanging data.

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We provide the following information technology and communications services:

  • Property Management systems
  • Point of Sale
  • Fibre networks
  • Wireless predictive and installed surveys.
  • LAN / VLAN
  • 3G/4G survey

  • Facial recognition and statistical information
  • Data cabling networks
  • Computer rooms planning & relocation
  • Managed switches and service delivery capacities.
  • GPON Network
  • Radio Frequency Identification RFiD
  • Cloud based systems
  • VoIP network including hosted PBX
  • Location based services (LBS)
  • Digital Antenna System
  • Integration
    – CCTV
    – IPTV
    – PMS
    – RFID
    – LBS
    – VoIP
    – PMS / POS
    – Nurse Call
    – Patient monitoring
    – Access control

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