AHSCA (Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia) General Meeting.

The AHSCA (Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia) general meeting was well attended last week, including senior engineers from JHA’s Hydraulic Team. The evening, at the iconic Kirribilli¬†Club in Sydney, included many interesting topics and much discussion about the future of the hydraulic & fire industry.

Most notable were the new changes to the AS 2419.1 2017 which believe it or not include many concessions!

Conversation was also focussed on design strategies to seek reduction in water consumption for large-scale developments, Aquacell presented their thoughts on this topic. Other speakers included FOX environmental systems who introduced their spill diversion system which has just received the Sydney Water approval for use.

Jemena was also in attendance and contributed an interesting presentation explaining some important changes regarding the latest guidelines.

Our team found this meeting a great opportunity to network and helps us keep up-to-date with changes in industry standards.

We highly recommend anyone that has a stake in the Hydraulic and Fire industry to join AHSCA.

Fadi Taouk

Hydraulic Engineer, JHA Consulting Engineer

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