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Medical & educational interactive collaboration, hospitality entertainment, smart home automation

JHA’s Specialist Audio Visual and Technology team

JHA’s Specialist Audio Visual and Technology team are at the forefront of Audio Visual and Technology in the Educational, Corporate, Medical, Hospitality & Entertainment and high end residential sectors. We pursue innovation to continually deploy rich technologies on a green smart platform.

It is inevitable that today’s trend is enriched with tomorrow’s vision paired with standards and guidelines to approach opportunities and eliminate risks to achieve the best long term interests of the project. We are passionate and committed to delivering technology based solutions, ensuring we exceed client expectations.

Our growing team is equipped with highly experienced engineers to collaborate and work closely with clients, operations managers, facilities managers, architects, worship leaders, and technical directors. The team deliver customised audio visual system designs optimized for specific events in a particular venues and acoustical environment, ensuring vivid, clear, sound and sight production that engrosses and fascinates audiences.

We have an extensive experience in designing complete audio visual solutions for a wide various range of projects including Theatres, Multi-purpose Halls, Convention Halls, Lecture Venues, General Learning Spaces, Collaborative spaces, Performing Arts Centres, Corporate Conference Centres, Recording Studios, Music Rooms, Drama Rooms, and other flexible teaching and gathering areas.

Audio Visual Services cover the following areas of technology design:

  • Centralized control system design
  • IPTV
  • Systems integration
  • Audio Reinforcement Systems
  • Speech Reinforcement Systems
  • Public Address and Paging Systems
  • Background music design
  • Conference Audio System
  • Video Conferencing and Presence
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) System
  • Hearing Augmentation System
  • Flat Panel Display and Projection Display Systems (Including interactive displays)
  • Video Sources/Connectivity/Wireless Presentation Facilities
  • Digital Signage Systems
  • Digital Cinema Systems
  • Recording studio and green screen room design

JHA Participation in Vivid Sydney 2017

As a demonstration of JHA’s in house appetite for delivering innovative experiences for users within the audio and visual space, JHA participated in the annual outdoor Vivid Sydney lighting festival with our Unsui installation exhibited at the Museum of Sydney.

Unsui was created by JHA Consulting Engineers using cutting-edge technology to explore the elusive themes of cloud and water, where participants are invited to suspend, for a moment, their habitual state of being and allow themselves to be transported by a cloud-like mist to a place of tranquillity and stillness.

Visitors begin a compelling sensory journey after entering a contained and curated atmosphere. This initially presents as a simple domed structure: within its walls video projection, sound effects and a host of theatrical effects and luminaires take them through a cloudscape of light and sound. The atmosphere can initially appear dense and opaque; sometimes it is transparent and wispy; at other times it captures that sense of brilliance that occurs when sunlight is filtered through a cloud.

The Power of the Storm Video

Isaac Chamberlian, JHA Audio Visual Engineer, created the original score for the Vivid Sydney 2017 video which was featured inside JHA’s art installation ‘UNSUI’.

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