Audio Visual Technology

We are passionate and diverse engineers committed to exceeding client expectations.

JHA’s Specialist Audio Visual Technology Team

JHA’s Specialist Audio Visual Technology team are at the forefront of Audio Visual technologies in the Educational, Corporate, Medical, Hospitality & Entertainment and High-end Residential sectors. We pursue innovative, scalable and green technologies to ensure our designs service today and future generations.

Our growing team have accumulated diverse insights into the nuances of Audio Visual technologies and projects. Our highly experienced engineers collaborate and work closely with Clients, IT Specialists, Operation and Facility Managers, Architects, Worship Leaders, and Technical Directors. We deliver customised Audio Visual Technology system designs and have worked across a range of spatially and conceptually diverse projects across Australia.

Driven by user-centric functionality and passion for technology, we have extensive experience in designing complete Audio Visual Technology solutions for Meeting Spaces, Theatres, Multi-purpose Halls, Convention Halls, Lecture Venues, Learning & Teaching Spaces, Collaborative spaces, Recording Studios, Mass Transit, Museums, Stadiums and other flexible gathering areas.

Audio Visual Technology Services cover the following areas of design:

  • Digital Audio Systems
  • Audio Reinforcement Systems
  • Speech Reinforcement Systems
  • Public Address and Paging Systems
  • Hearing Augmentation System
  • Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Video Display Systems
  • Interactive Display Systems
  • Wireless Presentation Solutions
  • Digital Signage Systems
  • IPTV and Distributed Video Systems
  • Control system design
  • Public Kiosk Solutions
  • Wayfinding Systems