IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Building Fire Safety Regulation Changes

The fire services industry are undergoing some changes and all Fire Services Engineers will need to be accredited “competent fire safety practitioners”

The fire services industry are undergoing some changes and a new role has been created of a “competent fire safety practitioner” – these individuals will need to be accredited as part of the EP&A regulations.

These important changes have been put in place to improve fire safety in new and existing complex buildings there will also be a requirement to submit endorsed fire services plans at the CDC / CC stage and additional critical inspection requirements for buildings in which people sleep.

The ability to allow minor upgrades to existing fire services to be exempted from the operational performance requirements of the BCA provided they are endorsed by an independent competent fire safety practitioner.

JHA have a dedicated and qualified team of Fire Services Engineers who specialise in Fire Protection. If you have any questions about these new requirements please contact our Fire Services Team.

Fire Services Engineers JHA Consulting Engineers

JHA Consulting Engineers have three professionally qualified, dedicated Fire Services Engineers, Pras Rajakumar, Cato Todd and Paul Debattista who are able to answer any questions.

In the interim, certifying authorities will need to ensure that the person who performs one of the new functions is competent and to confirm this in writing. This will also apply to building owners required to submit annual and supplementary fire safety statements.

Extract from Building regulation advisory note BS 17-002

The Amending Regulation introduces changes covering the following key areas:

  1. A new role of competent fire safety practitioner where independent, specialist expertise is needed.
  2. Submission and endorsement of plans and details for certain fire protection system work relating to Class 2 to 9 buildings.
  3. A new process for allowing limited exemptions from compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) for minor fire protection system work.
  4. New critical stage inspections for buildings where people sleep.
  5. New inspections by FRNSW of fire safety system work relating to Class 2 and 3 buildings.
  6. Documenting, endorsing and checking non-standard fire safety designs (alternative solutions) for Class 1b to 9 buildings.
  7. Fire safety statement assessments
  8. Standardising fire safety certificates and statements.

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Read the full planning circular from the NSW Government, Planning & Environment
Building Fire Safety Regulation new and changed requirements

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