Coogee Beach Centre Project Wins International Design Award

Brewster Hjorth Architects win WAN 2018 Waterfront Category Award in London.

Congratulations to Brewster Hjorth Architects for winning in the Waterfront Category at the WAN Awards in London.

JHA are proud to be associated with this award winning project, providing Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic, Level 3 and Acoustic service. The architecturally designed Coogee Beach Pavilion is used for public toilets and showers with a large family change room area, lockers, lifeguard station, first aid station and also houses the surf club facilities. Coogee Beach Pavilion sits snugly under the grassy picnic area to capture the ocean views and community feel.

Designing services for this extraordinary underground facility required a unique approach from JHA. Its close proximity to the ocean required all fittings to be stainless steel and light fittings needed to be sealed for protection of moisture and salty ocean spray.

The end result provide an exceptional and much needed improvement to the public facility. We look forward to a continued working relationship with Brewster Hjorth Architects.

Senior Audio Visual Consultant Pre Kistensamy

Coogee Beach Centre, Sydney also holds a commendation for Sustainable Design and Public Architecture in the NSW AIA awards. Brewster Hjorth Architects have received this recognition due to the facility’s outstanding display and design towards environmental suitability.