Electrical Engineering Consulting Services

If you can imagine it, our Electrical Engineering Team is ready to design it.

Building Services design – lighting, power, communications and all their relations – is the heart of our consultancy. But we don’t stop at the boundary; we do infrastructure too.

From hospitals to helipads; rail stations to substations; child care to aged care; jailhouses to townhouses & penthouses; we’ve got the attentive and experienced team to power up your project.

Electrical Engineering Team

We got off the ground in 1995 as a single-discipline electrical services consultancy, serving institutional clients who were building and upgrading correctional facilities and other public assets. Since then, we’ve built our success on the strength of our relationships. Most of our work comes from repeat clients. And as our clients have grown, so have we: JHA now covers every traditional building services discipline, as well as specialties including acoustics, vertical transport, audio-visual, Level 3 and specialist lighting.

We roll over 150+ staff deep and our lightweight structure means the majority of us are tertiary-qualified engineers and designers.

After twenty years of quality service, our Electrical Engineering Team is stronger than ever. Always the core of our operation, our huge Electrical team offers you unmatched diversity and depth to draw on for your next big project.

The JHA Difference?

So is JHA is just another engineering consultancy with a three-letter name?

Here’s what we believe gives us an edge.

WE’RE AGILE Name your last project that went perfectly to plan. Any luck? We’re realists who know the last thing you need is a stick-in-the-mud consultant when your project hits an unexpected challenge. We’ve got the flexibility to hit the curveballs and we’ll make sure you’re on board with our strategy before we play it through.


Our lean structure means we’ve got more engineers per square meter than our competition. That means more choice when you’re looking for the right person for your project. Need some serious technical clout? That’s Barry. Someone who can manage a massive team without breaking a sweat? Call Marc. Perfect lighting to show off your project? Jo will nail it. From the young and keen to the wise old oaks, we build your team from our best.

WE OWN THE OUTCOME Engineers can be a bit too technical sometimes. At JHA, we get that the exciting details only matter when they’re in the right context. That’s why we make extra effort to understand your pressure points – whether that’s your budget, the timeframe, human politics or all of the above – and treat them as our own. We measure our solutions against your needs, not just the standards.


Yeah, but we actually mean it.
Every one of our Directors and Associates still shoehorns technical design work into their daily schedule. Why? We believe that getting our hands dirty is the best way to understand your needs and meet them with distinctive, nuanced solutions. If we can consistently do this for you, we know there’s a great chance we’ll enjoy a confident, trusting relationship with you for many projects to come.
That’s what JHA is all about.

JHA’s Electrical Engineering Services include:

  • Electrical demand and network planning
  • Power distribution systems
  • Switchboard and controls design
  • Subdivision provisioning
  • Standby power systems
  • Substation planning and load distribution
  • Peak load reduction
  • Embedded networks
  • Private metering and demand logging
  • Supply synchronisation
  • Grading (protection) studies
  • Authority application management
  • Level 3 Authority network design
  • Interior lighting design
  • Exterior, public space and roadway lighting design
  • Sports field lighting
  • Computer modelling and visualisation
  • Product specification and comparison
  • Lighting efficiency audits
  • Distributed lighting controls
  • Centralised lighting controls
  • Custom luminaire procurement



  • Access control and duress alarm
  • Intruder detection
  • Video surveillance
  • Intercom
  • Security Risk Assessments (SRA)
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Security audits and risk management
  • Security lighting
  • Electrolysis
  • Electronic parking control & restriction
  • EMF/EMI shielding
  • Distributed antenna systems
  • Lightning risk assessment and protection design
  • Cleanroom, laboratory & operating theatre design
  • Power consumption analysis
  • Solar energy
  • Energy storage systems
  • Nabers/Greenstar/LEEDS compliance
  • Vehicle charging systems
  • Lifecycle analysis