Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Services

JHA ICT is passionate in ensuring that what we design and develop today enhances the built environment, maximising user value and engagement now and into the future.

The digital age has brought about limitless opportunities to innovate, create and grow. It has changed how we work and will continues to do so into the future. The market is aware of this paradigm shift and see technology as an essential foundation to activate their own digital platforms and look to leverage these technologies in all aspects of their asset’s life. There is an understanding of the benefits of digital integration and activation with demands for more dynamic, connected, user focused experiences. In addition, the value of the underlying data is no longer overlooked with users contemplating ways to take advantage of this new digital frontier as we continue to embed intelligence and gather information from the built environment.

At JHA, we deliver the infrastructure and platforms to capture and unify this data, providing greater interoperability and allowing deeper insights into the nature of assets, assisting in making informed decisions, enhancing user experiences, leveraging automation technologies increasing data and system security and allowing for future applications.

We strive to connect people with their environment and allow for a more engaging experience.

Technology within the built environment

No longer is technology an optional extra, with informed clients, operators and tenants demanding connectivity and innovation within their assets. Focusing on achieving optimal outcomes across the life of the project, we engage with the key stakeholders during project inception, master-planning, design and delivery to provide a best-in-class service.

 Solutions planning is critical to ensure that the technology works together harmoniously and with the least impact on the environment whilst maximising the benefit to the project and the users. To provide the optimum solution we explore the client and user requirements, processes and systems. Through this close engagement, we can aim to bring these ideas into reality.

What we do

Our Technology consultancy delivers technical solutions, strategy and subject matter expertise, enabling transitional and
future-ready outcomes for owners, operators and users of these environments.

Communications Infrastructure

With years of experience across many diverse sectors such as Commercial, Residential, Financial, Education, Health, Hospitality, Government, Transport and Rail and Defence facilities, our specialist team understand what is required to deliver the ideal solution for now and throughout the life of the project.  This foundation ensures future applications may be readily enabled whilst minimising disruption. Building on our understanding of the technology to be supported by this infrastructure such as networking equipment, control systems, wireless systems, apps and IoT enabled devices, we ensure that critical communications infrastructure such as the technology spaces, pathways, cabling and integration is given proper consideration.


We specialise in technology within the built environment with a team that is experienced in delivering world class facilities ranging from minor front of house solutions to industrial or enterprise grade converged networks supporting critical systems and processes.

By utilising best practice approaches gathered from our in-depth experience and also working with high end enterprise customers, we can transfer and embed these approaches to ensure a scalable, reliable and secure intercommunications platform is planned, designed and delivered to support the user and project applications now and into the future. We offer a full suite of services covering network switching and routing, network security, telephony, compute and storage, virtualisation and cloud environments.

Utilising enterprise fundamentals, the security, scale and reliability of the systems may also be greatly elevated than that of traditional systems.

Wireless Networks

The era of wireless is here with over 80% of users across diverse sectors identifying that mobility is the biggest technology enabler in the workplace. More users are demanding that all tasks that they can achieve within the confines of the workplace and the entertainment they can enjoy at home is available whenever and wherever they are. At JHA we offer a comprehensive service to ensure that we meet these needs. We design and deliver solutions to meet these needs with experience in designing Wi-Fi networks, distributed antenna systems for cellular networks, location-based services, and radio system planning and design.

Systems Integration and Analytics

With the value of the data-based economy surpassing that of the oil industry, it is vital that clients consider the value of their assets and how investing in integrating their systems can benefit the operational life of the facility and increase user amenity. To achieve this, we can assist in delivering an integrated solution encompassing operator, tenant and trade systems onto a common platform. This platform collects and stores this data and, through the use of conventional control rules, machine learning and advanced analytics, can provide deep insights into the underlying operational efficiency and condition. This may also extend to user engagement which may be greatly enhanced by use of automated processes and user feedback.

To enable advanced applications which bring people and places closer together it is essential that the data is available to enable this connection.

Smart Places

The concept of Smart Places is aimed at delivering a greater and more connected user experience whilst maximising the utilisation and efficiencies within existing facilities or infrastructure. This may also extend into providing insights into what may be required to address the demands of the future. These “smart” technologies may be used to activate large scale solutions such as city-wide traffic management and planning to more individualised solutions such as space utilisation, predicting user behaviours and determining environmental footprints.

At JHA we can advise on current enabling technology trends within this space and formulate a strategy to tailor solutions to meet the client and market needs.