Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Services

Ensuring building technology infrastructure for integrated end point solutions such as security, point of sale, admissions and property management are effective

What is ICT Services?

Information & Communication Technology is a keystone of everyday life and we are demanding more data, more mobility and the under pinning tone is a need for intuitive ICT delivery in connecting people with information. A building’s functionality supports those activities by connecting people with rooms & spaces.

Information & Communication Technology within building services

Is focused on achieving optimal operational outcomes for building infrastructure by ensuring the design process for items such as communications rooms, Wi-Fi, data outlets, security, MDAS and fibre cabling capture operational ICT plans and architecture. Building systems are chosen for their functionality, reliability and compatibility with other systems. Solutions integration planning is critical to ensure building technology systems work together harmoniously and with the least impact on the environment.

JHA, as a leading building services consultancy, is passionate in ensuring the buildings we develop today are designed for the future and well beyond.

What areas does ICT cover?

Our ICT consultancy creates technical designs, peer reviews and develops capacity plans to best enable building networks to support business requirements in the areas of Guest Technology, Service Systems, Support systems and Back Office Systems.
Building Networks

Utilising a building’s facilities such as Wi-Fi, audio visual, entertainment, mobile phone, etc. A building’s networks are the glue that binds the myriad of individual devices to control systems used by support staff and end users.

Guest Technology
When a guest arrives at your building and is expected to engage first hand with technology, with limited opportunity for training, the guest experience has got to be intuitive, accepting and friendly. Typical examples in this area are Wi-Fi for internet access, car parking machines, in building mobile phone coverage, audio visual services for presentations, wayfinding and entertainment systems including gaming and IPTV.
Service Systems

Not every request can be fulfilled with self-service or automated website. Occasionally we still need someone to serve us and ask the right questions to our perceived requirements at service counters and points of sale. Requiring multiple data outlets and power points, service counters are connected to server systems via a building’s physical network such as Fibre or CAT6. Service systems often have  a large building footprint with multiple points of sale, admissions and check in terminals.

Support systems

Often managing our safety in complex environments, systems such as security have high demands on ICT storage for CCTV, real time processing for alarms and operator training for complex systems. As well as having their own cabling requirements, security and building management systems support complex operational rules around, access control, building temperature, fire monitoring and building metering.

Back Office Systems
Back Office Systems can be deployed to most data point locations and usually don’t require complex building infrastructure such as cameras or access control devices. System deployment strategies such as “On premises” or “Cloud”  have an impact on communications room requirements in terms of floor space, racking, heat, electrical and support staff to administer them. Ultimately this is reflected in the cost of a building’s rental space or ownership.

How can JHA help with ICT?

Within each technology area different industry sectors have varied priorities and integrated solution requirements. For example: –

  • Hoteliers prioritise guest technology such as in room entertainment systems and audio visual to host conferences. Hotel property management service systems focus on managing transient room access control and complex billing.
  • Educators have support systems delivering complex access control to with thousands of temporary students.
  • Retailers focus on service technology such as point of sale and guest technology such as wayfinding. Ultimately supported by complex back of house systems to monitor stocks levels and enterprise resource planning to enable deliveries.
  • Health & Aged care are frontline with guest technology such as Nurse Call.

With these sectors and more, it is crucial to understand what’s important to them making ICT work from the building through to front desk operation.

JHA’s design and operational experience across different industry sectors ensure operational experience is brought into the design process early avoiding costly late changes.
Information Communication & Technology (ICT) Services Server Room

We provide the following Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Services:



  • Wireless predictive and installed surveys
  • Wi-Fi design
  • Wi-Fi access point locations
  • Mobile phone 3G/4G coverage survey
  • Mobile phone coverage design (digital antenna both internal & external)
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFiD)
  • Cabling


  • Fibre Networks (GPON) Design
  • Data cabling networks design(Cat5/6/7, Wi-Fi, Fibre)

Computer Rooms

  • Design (space, power, heating, cooling, access control, fire)
  • Active equipment planning (racking, location, redundancy)
  • Network planning

  • Access Control
  • Intruder alarms & lock down zones
  • Video surveillance
  • Intercommunications
  • Fixed duress
  • Video Surveillance (facial recognition, people counting)
  • Security (access control, intruder alarms, duress)
  • Property Management systems (hotels, nursing homes, campus infrastructure)
  • Car Parking (payment stations, exit points)
  • Point of Sale (retail, supermarkets, restaurants, admissions, etc.)
  • Nurse Call Patient Monitoring
  • Audio Visual Signage (way-finding shopping centres, airports, transport)
  • Video On Demand (Netflix, Cable TV)
  • Internet Access (guests, public spaces, private networks)
  • Operational technology planning for existing and greenfield sites
  • Project management (installation & commissioning)
  • Systems integration design
  • Comparative system reviews
  • Systems Integration Review
  • Business continuity (technology within building services)
  • Peer review and advice

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Services

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