JHA Consulting Engineers Announce New Associates

Hadi Jalgha, Director, JHA Consulting Engineers

Kishan Chand & Mathew MacIntyre, the new appointed Associates at JHA Consulting Engineers.

Congratulations to Kishan Chand and Mathew MacIntyre as the new appointed Associates at JHA. The Electrical Engineering duo bring diverse capability and experience to the business.

Mathew joined JHA as a graduate from UNSW and under the guidance of Jim Hatzimanolis he has developed into a dedicated, enthusiastic engineer with a passion for problem-solving. Mathew’s strengths are in developing client relationship and he is an avid team motivator.

Kishan has a keen interest in engineering within the hospitality industry and has completed a myriad of projects both large and small in this sector. He displays exceptional pride in his work and enjoys the challenge of taking a project from conception to completion.

Progressing from a graduate to Associate with JHA has proven that JHA creates an avenue for engineers to learn, grow and progress their career.

Mathew MacIntyre


Having management’s belief and faith in me, being made an Associate has given me the confidence to be a better leader and engineer.

Kishan Chand


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