Moving towards digital engineering.

Imagine a future where humans can push a button and computers can design and construct a complete building. The pipe dream of construction efficiency is closer than most people realise, but there are still a lot of obstacles to overcome. With the rapid development and accessibility of technology in the recent decade, the dream is close to becoming a reality.

A common hurdle is the cross-connection of information between different software vendors. While BIM and building-standardised formats (eg. IFC) have aided in connecting software together, the majority of information and data cannot be transferred throughout the overall lifecycle, which easily becomes lost. This is not the case in modern software development where data is easily transferred, and such the built environment has fallen behind. This lack of data communication leaves an opportunity to speed up activities through automation and design intuitive interactions for human inputs.

Sounds simple, but investigations are necessary to understand the ways that software can talk to each other and further, how each software can benefit. JHA has been looking at just this and exploring the connections between software, IOT and automation in the built environment. It’s an exciting area for our BIM and Digital Delivery Team who have been testing new automated workflows with Revit and Navisworks APIs (Application Programming Interface). These processes can help on a multitude of levels within the project, not only can data be collected, inputted and analysed more efficiently but can also be utilized for operations such as clash detection, coordination of tasks and resource allocation.

Ultimately automating workflows will not only save time and money, but can open up whole new ways of undertaking design and construction. Potentially creating the opportunity for more beautiful things in the process.

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