Gosford Hospital Redevelopment

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Many of the systems designed by our Electrical Engineers spend their lives unseen by the public, their presence only sensed through the comfort and convenience of a well-designed building. And that’s how we like it. After all, it’s our job to wrangle complexity into accessible-yet-unintrusive forms.

But once in a while it’s nice to revel in those unseen details, especially on such an enormous undertaking as the Gosford Hospital Redevelopment. With over 38,000m2 of new floor area, stretching across eleven stories, this massive project also includes 9,000m2 of refurbished space within the existing hospital building. Engaged to Lendlease, JHA Consulting Engineers provided technical review and oversight of the electrical, communications and security systems for the redevelopment.

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The NSW Government’s $348 million Gosford Hospital redevelopment will double the size of the emergency department, deliver hundreds of new patient beds, improve high-care capacity and increase access to secondary and tertiary healthcare services for the NSW Central Coast Local Health District.


Gosford Hospital Redevelopment submains cables on triple-tier trays

For our Electrical Engineers, the real beauty of Gosford Hospital lies on the inside. It was with some satisfaction that Jim Hatzimanolis, JHA’s Managing Director, recently viewed the beautifully-presented installation work by electrical contractors Stowe Australia. Located in the basement of the hospital, neat bundles of submains cables on triple-tier trays link the substation, main switchroom, emergency generators and central UPS systems together and span an area larger than an NBA basketball court.


Much of this ‘behind the scenes’ work is never seen and to see it executed so well is a great source of pride.

Jim Hatzimanolis

Managing Director, JHA Consulting Engineer

Gosford Hospital Redevelopment view of the rooftop Helipad

Reliability being paramount, critical services operate in redundant pairs: dual thousand-horsepower diesel generators sit gleaming and ready in case of emergencies. The twin main switchboards, each over 15m long, are further backed up by a massive central UPS battery, feeding operating theatres, helipad lighting, communications systems and other critical equipment throughout the new building. The status of the power distribution system and the energy consumption of the new building will be monitored through a central Building Management System.

Despite the scale of the power systems, they’re just one part of a much bigger picture. As completion approaches, JHA will watch on with excitement as tens of thousands of hours of building services design and construction slip behind the walls, ceilings and locked doors of the new building. Hidden away, the fruit of Stowe and the design team’s labour will breathe new life into healthcare services for our Central Coast communities.

Gosford Hospital Redevelopment twin main switchboards