Mark Moran Vaucluse

An award winning Aged Care Facility

Mark Moran Vaucluse

An award winning Aged Care Facility

Mark Moran Vaucluse

An award winning Aged Care Facility

Mark Moran Vaucluse is setting new standards in Aged Care

The Mark Moran Vaucluse project has surpassed all expectations and set new world standards in Seniors Living & Aged Care.

Vaucluse created by Mark & Evette Moran is understated when described as visionary, it has been a monumental leap in areas of hospitality, retirement, aged care, service & support, luxury and opulence.

The project has been recognised and awarded by international panels winning three World’s Best awards and numerous other awards.

JHA was fortunate enough to be part of this amazing journey from the very inception in 2011 until its opening in 2016. It’s difficult to say how pleasing it was to be part of a project that had so much vision and amazing team spirit, in a creative culture like that of the MarkMoranGroup (MMG).

Internally, JHA strongly embrace the notion of creativity; one of the ways we practise this is by dedicating an office area which facilitates monthly meetings on creative concepts and design innovation.

JHA Services

JHA is proud to have been the consulting engineers for the entire development documenting Mechanical, Electrical, Lifts, Specialist architectural lighting, Hydraulics, Fire, Information Communications & Technology (ICT), ESD, Security and Level 3.

Few projects provide the opportunity to release this creative passion with such vigour

Ross Thompson


Mark Moran Vaucluse wins UDIA NSW Award for Excellence


Mark Moran Vaucluse wins an Excellence in Retirement Living award at this year’s presentation. JHA are proud to have been the service engineers for the MMV project.

We are pleased to see the project, the visionaries Mark & Evette and all the magnificent staff of MarkMoran Group being recognised both in Australia and internationally for a project that will set the standard for years to come.