McDonald’s Queen Street Mall


JHA’s Specialist Lighting team collaborated with Landini Associates creating a flagship McDonald’s store in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD.

CLIENT | McDonald’s
SERVICES | Specialist Lighting
LOCATION | Brisbane, Queensland

The McDonald’s Queen Street store located on the corner of Albert St right in the heart of the CBD is the former Jo-Jo’s restaurant (a Brisbane landmark for 37 years). The new McDonald’s Queens Street store has undergone a complete $5 million transformation; designed by Landini Associates the redevelopment includes alterations to the façade as well as the interior.

The Brisbane store is the largest McDonald’s in Australia to date and spreads over 1000sqm with seating for over 320. It is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is built to cater for the diverse demographics and a revived CBD. It has a variety of different zones for children, parents, students and business people in the area.

McDonald’s Queen Street Mall Specialist Lighting Design

The project gave JHA’s architectural lighting team the opportunity to work on a McDonald’s that differed from the traditional restaurant – offering a dining experience that resonates with Brisbane’s urban and tropical setting.

McDonald’s Queen Street Mall Specialist Lighting

The specialist lighting team collaborated with Landini Associates and delivered the project from concept inception through to project completion.

The lighting was designed to complement the interior design vision. The focus was on providing the right palette of light, utilising different lighting techniques and carefully considering the quantity and quality of light. Special consideration was taken to select the right colour temperature and create emphasis through contrast between light and dark. This was achieved through a combination of vertical illumination and overall area lighting with intense directional spot lighting to highlight the tables.

Illuminance modelling results for McDonald’s Queen Street, Brisbane

Illuminance modelling for exposed ceiling area McDonald's Queen Street
Illuminance modelling for Mcafe McDonald's Queen Street

Extensive modelling was undertaken by the JHA Specialist Lighting design team. The modelling allowed the team to both ensure adequate lighting levels were achieved as well as visualize the wanted lighting effect.

The use of DALI control system gave the team a high level of flexibility to adjust the light output of separate luminaire groups throughout the day. This took advantages of natural light within the restaurant, resulting in lower energy consumption and achieving a dimmer ambient atmosphere at night-time.

The external terrace was a key feature of the design. Integrated seat lighting and uplighting to planters on the terrace provides views from below of a glowing, warm and inviting space.

McDonald’s Queen Street Mall ouside tropical dining area

The use of Dali (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) on this project was particularly rewarding, maximising its flexibility during commissioning and seeing a great end result was really exciting.

Susanne Thomassen

JHA Specialist Lighting Designer