McDonald's Underwood

Restaurant of the Future

McDonald's Underwood

Restaurant of the Future

Creating a restaurant for the future

LOCATION | Queensland

CLIENT | McDonald’s Australia Ltd

Mechanical, Hydraulic & Fire, Electrical, Specialist Lighting

JHA was fortunate enough to be part of a dynamic team to take McDonald’s Underwood into their next chapter and beyond.

From concept inception through to project completion, the intention of this Underwood “experience of the future” project was to completely redesign the existing McDonald’s standard store, to enhance the customers’ experience within the restaurant and the drive thru, to trial and test opportunities within the operational configuration and create an environment for restaurant crew that provides them with the amenity they require.

This project required JHA to test the limits for what can spatially be achieved for services within confined spaces. Our team utilised Revit and 3D modelling to achieve this goal, taking advantage of the technology to confirm buildability of the store from the design phase.

Such a unique and rewarding experience for all who had the opportunity to be part of this project.

Scott Thompson


JHA Consulting Services | McDonalds Underwood Bathroom
McDonalds Underwood Service Area
McDonalds Underwood Queensland Store

JHA Consulting Engineers – Services

JHA Consulting Engineers provided Mechanical, Hydraulic & Fire, Electrical and Architectural Specialist Lighting services for the McDonald’s Underwood project