Porsche Parramatta

JHA’s Electrical services team were fortunate enough to be selected to undertake the lighting design for the Porsche Parramatta Sales and Service Centre.

The project was managed by Reitsma Construction with architectural design completed by Figgis Jefferson Tepa architects. The Porsche Centre provided the electrical team with a unique opportunity to combine technically sound lighting techniques with some creative flare.

The project was a challenging and rewarding experience for the electrical services team with the design requiring integration of new electrical services and infrastructure with existing in order to manage the additional requirements of the new installation. Items such as the showroom ceiling were also preserved due to the unique architecture, which required careful consideration when specifying new luminaires. Fittings were selected to ensure adequate lighting within all areas, whilst maintaining the Porsche aesthetic.

Extensive modelling of the showroom was undertaken by the electrical design team to ensure adequate lighting levels were achieved within the facility. The entire showroom floor and adjacent office spaces located within the showroom were all modelled and assessed for compliance with both the Australian lighting standard AS1680 and Porsche’s international standards for lighting design. This was achieved through a seamless blending of overall area lighting and intense directional spotlighting to highlight the cars within the showroom.

Great detail into the selection of finishes and design of luminaires was also considered. Given the precision engineering and mechanical aesthetic of the Porsche brand, the selection of bold angular fittings, made from linished steel were selected. The selection of fittings was seen as hat tip to the emphasis on engineering design and raw power that the Porsche brand is world renowned for.

Porsche Paramatta lighting design
Porsche Paramatta specialist lighting design
JHA’s Electrical services team were selected to undertake the lighting design

The Porsche centre was a great opportunity for the electrical engineering team to apply their technical knowledge in a creative way to provide an aesthetically pleasing solution to our clients.