St Ursula’s College, Kingsgrove, NSW

St Ursula’s College is a Catholic girls secondary school located in the West of Sydney. Beginning its long history in 1957, with the enrolment of 56 girls under the Ursuline Sisters of Ashbury, the College now unites over 1000 students, 70 teachers and 20 ancillary staff.

CLIENT | JDH Architects
SERVICES | Mechanical, audio visual, electrical, acoustics & vertical transportation
LOCATION | Kingsgrove, NSW

Ongoing enrolment growth posed the dual challenges of expanding the school’s capacity and modernising learning environments across the campus. The College engaged JDH Architects to lead the planning and of eighteen new general learning areas, four laboratories and a new library building, amongst other upgrades. JHA contributed electrical, audio-visual, mechanical, acoustics and vertical transportation technical capability to the team.

To ensure design challenges were considered contextually, rather than in isolation, the redevelopment began with a master-planning phase. JHA’s Electrical Engineering Team assessed the existing electrical infrastructure and modelled the future demands upon it, identifying opportunities to resolve existing capacity shortfalls as part of the redevelopment.

Interior photos St Ursula’s College, Kingsgrove – images used with kind permission of JDH architects

Following master-planning, JHA undertook detail design for a staged construction programme.

JHA’s Mechanical Engineers provided Air Conditioning design for both the refurbishment of the food technology and textiles area and a new build for the administration offices.

To ensure equitable access to all levels for students with limited mobility, JHA Vertical Transportation Services designed and specified three lifts across two building stages of this project.

Within a challenging, constrained site, JHA’s Acoustic Engineers modelled the impact of noise both within the College and across its boundaries, allowing the team to select building materials and acoustic control devices to improve amenity for students and teachers.

This project is a part of JHA’s enduring relationship with the College. JHA have provided full electrical, security, communications and audio visual services for Stages 1, 2 and 3 of the redevelopment programme, as well as extended services (mechanical, acoustics, VT) for the Stage 2 and 3 works.