UNSW – Multimedia Centre

The Goodsell Building Multimedia Centre Refurbishment comprises of two new recording studios on the ground floor of the Goodsell Building, UNSW.

SERVICES | Audio Visual
LOCATION | Kensington, Sydney, NSW

As part of the ‘Inspired Learning Initiative’ which aims to enhance educational resources the rooms will be used for student training on using the most advanced lighting equipment, broadcasting hardware, podcasting gear, camcorders and video production facilities.

In the studios, students can learn about various lighting techniques across the space, camera handling and photo-shooting methods, and interview training sessions.

Goodsell Building Refurbishment Multimedia Studio Lighting
Multimedia Centre UNSW - Goodsell Building Refurbishment

The new modern interior designed by NBR architects make the areas both functional and aesthetically pleasing. One of the new studios has a separate control room filled with the latest AV technology. JHA Consulting Engineers were the Audio Visual consultants for the project specifying many of the products required for a contemporary facility. The control room houses many features including microphone, speakers, video mixer, lighting console, audio controls and even a podcast station with utmost quality and flexibility on providing full support on a wide range of recording projects.

An outstanding transformation to a creative broadcasting and recording studio in a challenging environment has vigorously created a flexible education facility providing simplicity in achieving state-of-the-art results

Audio Visual Group Manager, JHA Consulting Engineer

Green Screen Lighting Multimedia Centre UNSW
Touch Screen Panel Multimedia Centre UNSW

Instead of a green painted wall or curtain the ‘Green Screen’ was created by using lights attached to the ceiling these were then connected to a Lighting Console for complete automation. The Lighting Console has preset settings for the rooms lighting system making it possible to change the colour of the backdrop or the amount of lighting per person required at the touch of a button.

One particular challenge for the Multimedia Centre was the positioning of the rooms being connected to the building Communications area which was both noisy and busy. The engineers needed to work in a way to isolate the noise and minimise the disruption.