UNSW The Nucleus Student Hub

The UNSW underwent an exercise of rebranding the student hub and as a result The nucleus was the name given to this high profiled space.

“the nucleus is the coordination centre of our cells. It is a repository of knowledge that supports the cell in its activities – this is exactly what the new student hub is for our students. The name nucleus reminds us that students are at the centre of what we do”

JHA offered Specialist lighting, electrical, Audio Visual and Mechanical services.

Spaces included; Reception, waiting area, student ID Card Services, consultation booths, private meeting rooms and an office.

The nucleus acts as the first point of contact for all information and advice for all students throughout the duration of their studies. It is located on the main campus, Kensington within the Main Library.

The University of New South Wales’ decision to re-brand the Student hub with a new identity as The Nucleus was aimed to represent what the core value of what this service would be to the students of UNSW.

This high trafficked space has been designed with a focus of functionality and flexibility.

Not only does The nucleus service the students within operational hours, it also doubles as a space for students to study within the library after hours.

An important aspect of the design strategy was to deliver a system that allowed for intuitive way finding during operational hours for consultations but also flexibility of modes for all functions throughout the day and night.

For lighting in particular, creating scenes to cater for all modes was an integral part of the lighting strategy to allow for energy savings and clear visual delineation of how the spaces can be transformed throughout the day.