UTS Rowing Club

UTS Rowing Club, Haberfield is located on the shore at Iron Cove Bay, Sydney on the popular Bay Run pathway. Beautifully designed by architects Hassell the building extends out over the water, giving the interior incredible water views.

UTS Rowing club has a reputation as one of the best Rowing Clubs in Australia and trains athletes of all levels, winning over 15 medals in the Olympic games since 1992.

But it’s not just a rowing club as well as boat and oar storage, amenities, pontoon, deck, coaches’ office and a gym it is also home to a restaurant, bar and café facility.

The club was upgraded in 2013 with JHA Consulting Engineers providing multidisciplinary design services for the new $10M major refurbishment of the rowing shed and restaurant facilities.

JHA were engaged to undertake the Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic, Fire & ESD consultancy services associated with this project.

Due to the location of the building, environmental issues needed to be addressed. JHA provided full assessment of energy reduction technologies and opportunities to minimise energy, waste and CO2 pollution. JHA proposed optimised innovative mechanical ventilation strategy complimented with relaxed temperature set points to reduce energy consumption and overall building energy impact on the environment.

JHA recommended a mixed mode ventilation strategy, utilising a bespoke air plenum fresh air delivery system and an air source heat pump allowing for an acceptable payback period with good energy savings. Further savings were realised through an Increase the thermal mass of the building and a night purge system. Ceiling mounted fans were also included to increase the comfort of occupants.

UTS rowing club restaurant deck
UTS rowing club Haberfield
UTS rowing club Iron Cove Bay