Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

Milad Melhem, Victor Chang Innovation Centre Manager, was kind enough to invite JHA’s design team to the final works at the Victor Chang Research Facility.

The Victor Chang Institute has been pioneering cardiovascular research for over 20 years. It is now home to over 300 scientists. The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute was awarded a $25M grant from the NSW Government to establish the Victor Chang Innovation Centre focused on cardiovascular research.

The nature of this project created many challenges throughout the design phase as most of the high tech equipment required special provisions to ensure the equipment operated as expected.

JHA’s Engineering Team from across four disciplines included, Fadi Taouk – Team Leader, Alex McRae – Mechanical, Frank Liu – Electrical, Joseph Kong – Hydraulics & Paul Debattista – Fire. Working closely together they rose to the challenge of helping to create these exceptional laboratory spaces.

JHA’s Engineers – Joseph Kong, Paul Debattista and Fadi Taouk

Office spaces across 3 floors of building office were required to be converted into high tech rooms. JHA was engaged to provide Hydraulic, Fire, Electrical and Mechanical Services design for all proposed works.

One of the speciality rooms will be home to the world first 9.4T PET MRI scanner.