Carbon Neutral Pathways for Building Portfolios

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Two pathways to carbon neutral certification.

The first step is to determine the total carbon account attributable to the buildings in your portfolio.
There are two recognised accounting pathways:  NABERS Energy or Green Star Performance.

The NABERS pathway is suitable if you are focused mainly on energy. Consider the Green Star pathway if you are more interested in holistic considerations of sustainability for your

Did You Know?
NABERS and Green Star are established sustainability benchmarks that help buildings demonstrate how green they are, conveyed through star ratings.
These benchmarks can help assist with determining if your building is or can become carbon neutral.

For commercial office buildings, you may already have a NABERS Energy rating as part of the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Program.

86% of offices (by NLA) have had a NABERS Energy Rating at least once since the start of the program.


Once you have determined the current performance of your portfolio, that will help you determine the next step.

Carbon Neutral Pathways for Building Portfolios