Redesigning the Aged-Care Experience.

Creative fun was the aim of the latest JHA Academy session. Senior Sustainability Engineer, Lawrence Yu, hosted a Design Thinking workshop where staffs were asked to think about the day-to-day challenges faced by our senior community.

Using a Human-Centred design approach, this hands-on workshop encouraged our team to empathise with the aged care residents and produced much thought provoking discussions.
Lawrence Yu

Senior Sustainability Engineer, JHA Consulting Engineers

Lawrence Yu, Senior Sustainability Engineer
Some of the big meaningful challenges the team came up with that night include:

1. How can we make aged care buildings feel more like homes (lively)?

2. How can we improve the amenities in their rooms (so they can make their own tea)?

3. How can we revitalise the food options in aged care?

4. How we can help aged care residents be more self-sufficient and independent?

5. How can we improve aged care residents opportunities to engage in social interactions?

6.How can we help staff provide a higher level of care?

7. How can we give residents greater control over their environment (lighting level, temperature, air movement etc.)?

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