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IES The Lighting Society | Award of Commendation

Mark Moran Retirement Living, Vaucluse

68 Harrington Street, The Rocks

Our lighting design approach is built on a strong architectural foundation.

Having trained in architecture or interior design, our lighting designers see your vision and work with you to make it a reality.

Our specialist lighting design service was added to the business in 2014, bringing a creative edge to JHA’s strong 24 year history in engineering services.

Our team works dynamically across our Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane offices.

Working to develop a unique narrative for each environment by playing with light and shadow, intensity, texture and even at times colour, we invite you to explore, discover and be delighted by light.

Collaboration underpins everything we do. With a suite of engineering disciplines just on the other side of the desk, we know how to ask the right questions. Understanding the complexity of the building fabric is second nature to us.

One of the key pillars of our design philosophy is to resolve the lighting to a precision level.

We take the time to consider closely how light sources are integrated and concealed within the building fabric, so surfaces and spaces can be revealed.

We are focussed on the subtleties, and committed to refining the detail.

UNSW Roundhouse, Randwick

Macaria Art Gallery, Camden

UNSW Bookshop, Randwick

One of the most seductive aspects of lighting design is embracing darkness.

The physical aspect of our lighting design process has led us to develop a deep understanding of materials and confidence working within the parameters of light.

Our toolkit includes pencils and butter paper most days, but we are also fluent with illumination simulation, intelligent modelling and visualisation software too.

Custom luminaire design development

Lighting master planning

Public domain illuminance modelling

Interior lighting simulations

Revit modelling with light