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JHA Consulting Engineers are a multidisciplinary group of building services engineers. Our services include Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic, Audio Visual, Acoustic, HV & Level 3, Vertical Transport, ICT, ESD, BIM & Digital DeliverySpecialist Lighting Designers and Fire engineering consultants. We provide a comprehensive technical service offering for all facets of the built environment industry.

Working on projects throughout Australia JHA Consulting Engineers have offices in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

Latest News JHA Consulting Engineers

UTS Careers Fair

CONVERGE, First Nations Media National Conference


JHA are proud to support Pre and the Team at the 2018 CONVERGE First Nations Media Conference.

 Glazing into the Future of Australia’s Building Codes

Glazing into the Future of Australia’s Building Codes


JHA’s intern Abanoub Mina delves into the complex subject of Australia’s Building Codes for Building Fabric & Glazing Requirements.

UTS Careers Fair

Moving towards digital engineering


Moving towards digital engineering. Imagine a future where humans can push a button and computers can design and construct a complete building.

Our Services

mechanical engineer services icon

Mechanical Engineering

Air conditioning, ventilation, smoke extract/control, central energy plants

Electrical Engineering Services icon

Electrical Engineering

Power distribution, lighting systems, communications, infrastructure, generation, solar systems

Hydraulic engineers services icon


Sanitary plumbing & drainage, potable hot & cold water, recycled water, gas services, stormwater drainage

Fire Engineers Services icon


Fire sprinkler, smoke detection, occupant warning, evacuation (EWIS), fire hydrant & fire hose reel systems

Vertical Transport Engineer Services icon

Vertical Transport

Lifts, escalators, moving walks, platforms, hoists

Architectural Lighting Design Services icon

Architectural Lighting Design

Integrated architectural lighting, decorative & custom luminaire design, conceptual lighting master planning

Level 3 Engineer Services icon

HV & Level 3

Chamber and Padmount substations, high voltage transmission line works, 33kV-132kV, street lighting, network undergrounding, site provisioning services

BIM Engineer Services icon

BIM & Digital Delivery

Building Information Modelling project management, model design & virtual reality

ICT Engineer Services icon


Network planning, GPON integration, app-applications, VoIP, PMS, PoS, planning & systems architecture, middleware bus integration

Acoustics Engineer Services icon

Acoustic Services

Architectural acoustics, building acoustics and sound insulation, mechanical services noise control, environmental acoustics

ESD Engineer Services icon


Energy Modelling, Thermal Comfort Analysis, Natural Ventilation Assessment, Daylight Assessment, Climate Risk Assessment, Carbon Reporting

Audio Visual Engineer Services icon

Audio Visual

Medical & educational interactive collaboration, hospitality entertainment, smart home automation


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