Acoustic Consultant Services

Architectural acoustic consultant services, data logging, building acoustic & sound insulation, mechanical services noise control, environmental acoustics, noise & vibration analysis

JHA’s acoustic consultants come from a diverse background of engineering and science, with a vast range of project experience and offer a modern, analytical approach acoustic design. The team are passionate about sound and believe that the relationship between technical acoustic parameters and the subjective human perception of sound are important design considerations for both functional and aesthetic sound environments.

JHA acoustics closely collaborate with JHA’s other teams as well as the project architects, builders and project managers to ensure acoustic design is seamlessly integrated with the design vision and other building services.

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Proficiency in Acoustics services are:

  • Room acoustics – reverberation control for clarity and speech intelligibility, background noise level control and to minimise propagation of unwanted speech and noise within open spaces.
  • Mechanical and other building services noise control
  • Airborne sound insulation for partitions (including doors, operable walls and seals)
  • Airborne sound insulation for facade (glazing, doors and seals)
  • Impact sound isolation and structure-borne vibration control
  • Acoustic optimisation for AV services and specialist sound environments such as performance spaces, music practice rooms and recording studios
  • Environmental noise assessments
Project experience
  • Offices and commercial buildings
  • Educational facilities
  • Residential
  • Entertainment venues
  • Hospitality
  • Transport
  • Medical
  • Concert halls
  • Performance spaces
  • Music studios

Master of Architectural Science, Audio and Acoustics

Isabella Adlington is currently currently working as an Acoustics Consultant at JHA Consulting Engineers whilst still studying Master of Architectural Science (Audio and Acoustics), she was recently interviewed by The University of Sydney and features in the undergraduate and postgraduate guide 2018.

Isabella Adlington, Acoustic Consultant, JHA Consulting Engineers

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